Your Market in the centre

Anticipating your marketing problems, solving those problems and meeting your needs: those are our challenges. We listen, ask the relevant questions and brainstorm with you. Then, we advise, plan and organize. Proper communication resources must serve as a solid and broad foundation. It is essential that your company and your message is noticed, understood and achieves its desired results.

TOL Marketing & Communication devise strategies and plans which effectively support your enterprise in achieving your goals.

Marketing Communication

Your (future) client in the centre

Your communication objective is our challenge. What do you want to achieve? Awareness? Positive reactions from the market? Improved customer relations? Your objective formulates the communication strategy and policy and eventually the resource employment. Our involvement, creativity and many years of experience in business communication guarantees innovative solutions with demonstrable results.

TOL Marketing & Communication develops concepts and plans that ensure that you reach your marketing communication objectives.

Internal Communication

Your employee in the centre

Good communication between your employees is vital for the success of your company: not 'window dressing' or one-way traffic, but interaction. You want motivated employees. You want to give them good and timely information and you also want to stay well-informed. Open dialogue with your employees is key for a positive impact on colleagues, customers and prospects.

TOL Marketing & Communication develops concepts, plans and programmes that ensure effective internal communication.

Press information

Your company in the centre

You want your name, company, product or solution to reach the right media? Obviously, as positively as possible? Ensure that you are top of the bill and innovative? Then we can ensure free publicity. Our recommendation: "Be the best - and let someone else talk about it". Rob Tol ensures your company a first-class relationship with editors and journalists. Media policies, bulletins, meetings and interviews are part of the communication plan.

TOL Marketing & Communication develops concepts, plans and actions to ensure positive, free publicity.