Connecting as inspirator and networker

Back ground

Rob Tol was born and raised in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and has been an independent consultant since January 1999 with TOL Marketing & Communication Consultancy. In its first year TOL received the prize for New Entrepreneurs in Rotterdam "Best Performance SCORON". Rob Tol as an inspirator establishes, with his 25 years in Business to Business Marketing and Communication know how at ABB and Siemens, the necessary connections between people. So communication will flow as two-way traffic within organisations between employees and their target groups.

He studied creative professions on successively the Academy of Modern Arts in Rotterdam and the Photo Academy in Apeldoorn. After this study he completed several Marketing Communication studies. In the 80s and 90s he successfully completed several management courses and also a number of courses at the international Siemens concern. He also followed courses on corporate communication, in company-skilled perspective, on the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

His career in communication started at Han Snel Direct Marketing in Rotterdam. He was publicity advisor at ABB in Rotterdam for over 10 years and 13 years at Siemens in The Hague, here he spend the last three years there as Marketing and Communication Manager. From 1993 onwards he was Communication Manager at Siemens Nixdorf Computer Systems Ltd. in Zoetermeer, responsible for both internal and external communications.

As supplementary activities he was from 1994 up to 1998 Chairman of the SAN Accent jury. For many years he was a "Honorable Member of the Commission for Business-to-Business Communication of the Dutch Advertisers Association (BVA)" and member of Kring 48 (Friends in Advertising). Beside this he was Teacher (Foundation Technique and Marketing). Since 1998 he has been member of Platform Communication Rotterdam, MarkIT (Marketers in ICT), member of the "Telecommerce Community" and member of World Trade Center Club in Rotterdam. In 2002 he founded "Rotterdamse Slag", a consultancy for customer loyalty concepts. The last years he also is an active member of Rabobank and started here as co-founder: THEMATER (Themes in a Theatre).

Rob Tol connects as an inspirator.
Communication: two-way traffic inside and outside your organisation.